Last week's Find Of The Day MK2 GTI owner: "This is a pristine car, so I'm going to list it for $24,495."

This week's Find Of The Day Cabriolet owner: "Hold my beer..."

That title is not a typo; this week's FOTD has a $35,000 asking price. Let that sink in. Thirty-five. Thousand. U.S. dollars for a bone stock 1985 Volkswagen Cabriolet Wolfsburg Edition . Is this real life?

So what do you get for that kind of coin? To start, this Cabby has only been driven 37 miles (also not a typo) since it left the factory floor. So you're paying about $950 for each mile. It's as if the seller test drove the car back in 1985, signed the paperwork, then took the long way home, parked it, and then never touched it again. I hope the weather was nice enough to put the top down.

So with barely two digits of mileage, you would expect a pristine car. And with a 5-digit price tag, you would demand a pristine car. And this car is pristine. There's not a ding, a scratch, or even wear marks on the front seats. It even comes with the original Monroney sticker showing an MSRP of $14,225. If there's a class of cars above "time capsule," this is it.

A car of this condition and price raises so many questions. When cars are tucked away at purchase like this one, the buyer's intention is to hold onto them hoping for future worth. Why a Cabriolet? Better yet, why a 1985 Cabriolet? It's not a first-year car or a last-year car. Maybe the buyer thought a WE would bring in phat cash, but it's merely upgraded trim, special paint, and a couple of badges.

But my biggest question is: what would you do with it now? If you could somehow justify the asking price, would you drive it? Could you drive it? As many have said with low-mile cars, the more that odometer number increases, the less the car is worth. And to buy a car like this and not drive it is just silly.

So if you have lots of money you just have to part with, take a trip to the land of sound financial decisions, Las Vegas, and check out this 1985 Cabriolet Wolfsburg Edition .

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