It's that wonderful time of year when temperatures warm, the sun stays in the sky for a little bit longer every day, and sweaters retreat into dresser drawers for their annual hibernation. For car nerds it's not just spring, it's convertible shopping season. Now's the time to start looking for that perfect car for a cruise to the beach, a road trip to the lake, or an evening at the local drive-in.

Here we have what may be the perfect summer car , and a true icon of the era, a 1992 Volkswagen Cabriolet Wolfsburg Edition. What makes this car an icon you ask? Simple: white on white on white. The triple white Cabby may be VW's most memorable model of the 80's and early 90's. These chiseled droptops appeared in countless movies and television shows. Most recently a certain doomed character in the popular Netflix show Stranger Things drove a Cabriolet. These convertible Rabbits were simply everywhere back in the day and they are sure to become collectible.


What's great about this car? Quite a bit: the bright white paint, interior, and top, the car has relatively low miles for the year, appears to be in very good shape, has lived its life in California, has a driver's side airbag (sorry passenger), can fit you and three friends, and the owner states documentation is included. The two best features though, are the low price and the fact that everything works including the air conditioning. It's worth mentioning that by the late 80's Cabriolets featured a ton of MKI GTI bits making them very fun to drive.


What's the bad? For one, it's an automatic. For another, it's in California thus keeping it out of the realm of possibility for many, including this author (who is still looking at snowflakes in the 10 day forecast). Did I mention it's an automatic? Well it is. Lastly, as many know, these cars have a certain affiliation with, well, sorority girls. A quick google search can reveal a basket full of unflattering names and connotations. If this connection is an issue for you, get over it. This car is a tossable funmobile for a low price and is destined to become a classic. It's the perfect example of a great summer car.

Check it out on The Samba .