Yes, this is a BMW 2002, which has at no point in time ever been made by Volkswagen or any of its subsidiaries.  So why are we featuring it?  Well, the answer to that question is currently lurking beneath this unassuming 2002's hood.


Yes, that's an AEB code 1.8T mounted longitudinally between the BMW's front wheel arches.  Because there could always be more power, the 1.8T's the internals have been beefed up and a Precision 5857 Turbocharger was strapped to it.  H&R Springs, Bilstein struts and polyurethane bushings have been fitted underneath, and larger disc brakes were installed all the way around- Volvo brakes up front and Mini Cooper S brakes in the rear.


This BMW 2002 can be found on Craigslist in the Bronx for $8500.  Additional information and pictures can be found right here.