Extreme camber is one of those love it or hate it kind of things but regardless of how you feel, good workmanship is good workmanship.

This 2013 Golf Sportwagen from Toronto is just such an example. It’s full of contradictions. Extreme camber, but a reserved color palette. A trunk full of stereo but heated mirrors (because visibility is always in style). One eye on the extremes and one on subtlety.

It makes for a handsome combination and according to the seller, it’s all been done the right way. It sits on AirLift Performance shocks and bags, which were installed by pros at Switches and Thangs.

It’s also been tuned with an Integrated Engineering (intake manifold, air filter, ECU tune, and more) and a USP downpipe so that its engines sounds and performs as well its stereo does.

The seller is asking $25,000 for it, but that is in Canadian money, so that’s, like, what? 40 bucks and some change in America?

Full list of mods:

- UK Alpine Style deck (Made for MK6 Golf so no ugly trims around the deck) has huge screen, Apple Play and Android Play
-UK OEM Volkswagen GTI Recaro Wingback seats with matching rear seats

Sound System:
-2 Pairs ofJL Audio ZR650 
-2 JL Audio 300/4v3
-1 JL Audio 1200/1v3 
-1 JL Audio 13W7AE
-1 JL Audio TwK88 
-XS Power Lithium Batteries 1 XS15K and 1 XS30K

-AirLift Performance Shocks+bags front and rear
-Airlift Performance 3H/3P
-2 Zeneth OB2 compressors 
-2 AccuAir ENDO 3 gallon airtanks 
-iDF Aluminum Adjustable rear Upper control Arms 
-Spulen Adjustable Camber Arm 
-??????? 3way Adjustable Front lower control arms 

-Integrated Engineering Power Kit includes Intake Manifold, Air filter, ECU Tuning
-Integrated Engineering Fuel Rail
-Integrated Engineering Engine Value Cover
- USP Motorsport DownPipe
-AWE Track Exhaust with Black Tips

- Original Non Drilled BBS RS 18inch