From the music, to transportation, to social progress, the 1960s were a pivotal time in the history of the United States.  As the years have gone by however, 'free love' has been replaced by the 'free market' in the hearts and minds of baby boomers, leading to frankly ridiculous pricing on icons of the time.  Surely anyone who has tried to see a Rolling Stones concert or had a burger in the Haight Ashbury district of San Francisco can vouch for this.  The same could be said for the Volkswagen Bus.


With values skyrocketing on the humble little Bus, owners have been seemingly split into two camps- the customizers and the restorers.  Regardless of which camp you feel is in the right, both sides stand to make money should they have purchased their Bus at the correct time.  This leads me to today's Find of the Day, which was built by someone who could be considered brave, or foolish, or perhaps even a bit of both.


Originally a still-valuable 13 window Bus, it was converted to a 21 window and thoroughly customized.  From the looks of it no panel was left untouched, and the finished product is something that will without a doubt turn heads wherever it goes.  If we had to nitpick, we would replace the gauges with factory-look units and get rid of the ambitious 10k RPM tachometer that was installed on top of the dashboard but aside from those two very minor changes, we think that this Bus is a very well executed build.


The Volkswagen Bus is currently available for $119,000 on eBay Motors, and any interested parties can see additional information and photos at the auction listing, right here.