Everyone has their fun side, right? Even the most stoic person likes to cut loose on a Friday night. If your death metal loving heart yearns to live free, our latest Find Of The Day, a 1992 Cabriolet could be just the thing your dark soul needs. It's fun but still dark.

The Volkswagen Cabriolet has a bit of a cult following. These little cars are light and nimble - if the inside rear wheel raises in a corner, then you're really having fun. But the Cabby has an unfortunate image: the Chick Car. Just about every teen movie from the decade has a scene with a triple-white Cabriolet driven by a blond girl.

But this Cabriolet, well, this one tears the head off the Chick Car image, Ozzy-style. It's dark. It's fast. It has killer Recaro seats and a top that goes down. The hardcore fun starts under the hood. A 2.0L short block bored out to 2.1 liters growls in the engine bay. This tiny bruiser powerplant bolts up to a 5-speed manual transmission with a short-throw shifter. Exhaust exits through a Techtonics system featuring a high-flow cat, Borla muffler, and misc. G60 bits.

The Neuspeed springs, Bilstein shocks, and beefy anti-roll bars make this car perfect for racing. There's a custom strut tower brace too. Equal attention has been paid to the brakes. The 'vert has upgraded front and rear discs brakes with stainless steel brake lines all around. Bridgestone Potenza tires wrap around 15" Borbet wheels.

Outside, the Cabby is slathered in Lexus dark grey metallic paint. The original body kit (or "clipper kit" as fans call it) was dumped in the trash and slim Euro bumpers are mounted to the front and rear. There's a new windshield and the convertible top is in great shape.

Inside there are the already-mentioned Recaro seats. The reupholstered rear bench matches the front seats, and the custom door panels sport the same material. Check out the slick shift boot and matching pedal covers.

If you're in the market for a black-like-your-soul convertible, this could be just up your dark alley. This 1992 Cabriolet is in San Francisco California. Current asking price: $7,600. Check out the Craigslist ad for more information.

And now let's get real sad, with "I Will Follow You Into the Dark (Rabbit)."