The fourth generation of the Golf and Jetta may go down in history as some of Volkswagen's finest designs. The styling is clean and uncluttered without being boring. These models were eye-catching; they looked like no other cars on the road and definitely helped move the company's image upmarket. Young buyers saw the Jetta, in particular, as entry-level BMW. College students and young adults flocked to the stylish car.

The pinnacle of the MKIV Jetta, hands down, was the MK4.5 Jetta GLI. For those not familiar, the first GLIs on this chassis sported a VR6 engine, a set of (rather basic) 17" alloy wheels, and a few other bits and pieces. But overall, the GLI looked no different than the other Jettas.

Midway through the 2004 production run, VW reworked the model. They started by scuttling the nose-heavy six-cylinder engine and replacing it with the 180 HP 1.8T engine shared with the GTI and the New Beetle. Next, they fit a body kit similar to the 20th Anniversary Golf, a polished exhaust tip, red and chrome "GLI" badges, and a gorgeous set of 18" genuine BBS wheels. Inside upgrades included new Recaro seats, a 6-speed manual transmission, and some aluminum trim. To finish it off, VW offered some exciting new colors. The GLI was no longer a wallflower.

This particular MKIV is quite exceptional; on our completely profession scale, this 2004.5 scores a solid 4.5 out of 4.5. To start, it's wrapped in stunning and sporty Lagoon Blue paint. It has low miles, a clean interior and exterior, and, according to the seller, has never seen snow. The current owner, VWVortex member Cuyler 1994, has had the timing belt done, new tires installed, and a number of other maintenance performed. The car is nicely modified with a 93-octane Unitronic tune, cold air intake, and a short-shift kit. The small wing sitting atop the rear window is worth noting too.

Cuyler1994 has the car listed a firm $7000. It's in Columbus Ohio. You can check out the classified ad on our own site, or the click through the pictures on his craigslist ad .