There are so many good words in that title. W8, wagon, manual: my knees are buckling. Forget the SUVs and the three rows and upsizing malarkey, this is the family car for the GTI owner.

This 2004 Passat wagon comes from way up in the great white north and comes with a W8 that drives four wheels, through an extremely rare manual transmission. The ad claims that only ten of these were ever sold in Canada, and further research leads me to believe that only about 100 were ever sold in the States. Eat your heart out Ferrari F40, this is ten times rarer.

And yet it isn't ten times more than an F40: that’s right, the crazy canuck who’s selling this is only asking $6,000 Canadian dollars, so that’s like, what? 40 bucks American? ($4,650).

Unfortunately, the Passat has led a long 160,000 mile life. Despite that, the owner says it’s a solid runner and is in “extremely good condition.” And without any rust (according to the owner) this car is even more miraculous, as anyone who’s ever spent time in Ontario in the winter can attest, they cake the road with salt.

$_27 (3)

The Passat comes fully loaded with the original Monsoon sound system, votex body kit (a dealer installed option), and the OEM spoiler. It also comes with a modified custom exhaust and magnaflow mufflers, though the OEM parts are around, so you can have those, too. Finally, it comes with 17 inch black and silver Golf 7 Madrid wheels (pictured above).

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