Dude. It’s Mario Andretti’s Lamborghini. And it’s a peak 1980s Countach. Do you want it? You’re damn right you do. Who wouldn’t want to drive the car Mario drove at his peak? The year he got 9 of 13 poles and won the PPG IndyCar World Series title. Well, here it is.

It’s a 1984 model. Which means a 4.8L V12 and 371 hp. Not exactly modern Lambo standards, but it’s sure more than enough to blow off the cobwebs. And it’s a carb’d version, not EFI, so it probably works better. Or something.

While the 1980s was full of hideous exotic colors, this one’s a classic. Red on tan. With just the one rear wing, and none of the baubles, bolt-ons, and hideous crash bumpers fitted to later cars. Especially US cars.

It’s only got 17,000 km on the odometer, making it about as low mileage as you can get. It wears the original paint that gets a sweet while and green pinstripe to give it an Italian flag motif. and there’s a Mario Andretti logo on the door mirrors.

The seller says that it’s recently had a major mechanical refurb. Including having the engine out and overhauled to new car specs.

This vintage Countach is cool all by itself. But add in a first owner who was one of the greatest drivers of all time? You’ve got yourself a pretty sweet car. And it’s for sale at Motor Car Gallery, in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

[via: Motor Gallery ]