Our latest Find of the Day is one of our own. Actually, this car can be traced to two VWVortex members: DAROWDYAUDI and, more recently, dbmx61491 . From 2007 to today, this 1995 Jetta GLX VR6 has received extensive modifications. We'll attempt to cover the most important ones here, even more of the changes are outlined in the links at the bottom of this article.

The MK3 Jetta proved to be a popular model for VW in the U.S. When the MK2 was put out to pasture in 1992, Volkswagen's annual sales volume was so low that they were looking to exit the North American market entirely. The new for 1993 Jetta helped change their sales slump.

Perhaps this improvement in market share allowed the usually cautious Germans to loosen their lederhosen a bit: a number of interesting colors made it out of the factory in Puebla Mexico. In the 1990s you could get a Jetta in teal green, pink, and even the color on today's FOTD: Dusty Mauve. It's quite the contrast to the current sedate color palette.

But the deep purple paint isn't the most interesting element of this car. It's not even the recently rebuilt VR6 engine. Sure that's a fun element of the car, but the most intriguing, and the element that really sets this car apart from others, is the remote turbo. Now, we have to admit the term "remote" was a new one, but you can see in the photos the turbocharger is not in its usual place. No, the turbo in this car is waaaaaay in the back: it's underneath the rear seat. Not only that, but the exhaust exits out the side of the car. Better warn that rear passenger before the step out of the car: they could receive a permanent exhaust tattoo on their ankle.

The fun doesn't stop there. The car sits on a lowered suspension and genuine BBS LM wheels. And that monster engine is mated to a 5 speed manual transmission. This car has to be a killer drive. And to top it all off: this car is a star - it's been featured in Eurotuner and Performance VWs magazines.

There's far more here than we can cover. The 40 page build thread that started in 2007 is still alive on our forums (with working pics! Thanks DAROWDYAUDI for not using photobucket!). The first classified thread is also still available. And you can see all the updates dbmx61491 has done on the car in his ad . In addition to all the photos here, you can see the car in person somewhere in Ohio. The current asking price is $10,000 with the BBS wheels, or $8500 with the original OEM BBS wheels.