Well lookie here, one of our very own is selling his incredible ride. Today's Find of the Day started as a simple project. But once inspiration strikes, the simple plan can veer off sharply. And Global Moderator [email protected] 's 1996 turbocharged VR6 Cabrio is the definition of sharp.

We've sung the praises of Volkswagen's legendary VR6 before. Lots of torque, fits in the same space as most 4-cylinder engines, parts are readily available, blah blah blah. One thing owners of these potent powerhouses love is the Wookie-like engine note. What better way to enjoy those noises than in a convertible? You'll be searching for highway underpasses, empty parking garages, and long tunnels to soak up the sounds from the turbocharged narrow-angle six-cylinder engine.

The engine has been gone through from top to bottom: new timing chains and tensioners, rebuilt head, new coilpacks, new plugs, and much more. The list of modifications including the turbo-bits is lengthy. From the description and the photos, this is a quality, professional-level build.

The upgrades don't stop with the engine bay. Check out the full custom leather interior. The interior set this whole project in motion. The seats, door panels, shift boot, and the entire center console are the perfect shade of red to complement the Black Magic Pearl Metallic exterior. Notice the MK4 "square bolster" seats; Paul modified the seat tracks on the car in order to fit them properly. Another noteworthy item: all interior switch and dash lights are red. His attention to detail is incredible.

This '96 has an upgraded transmission, H&R coilover suspension, thicker swaybars, European bumpers, performance brakes, and much much more. We can't possibly cover all the changes Paul made on the car here, we'll let the classified ad tell you more.

If you're looking for a downright menacing summer ride, Paul's turbo VR6 Cabrio deserves your attention. See it yourself in Phoenix, Arizona. Paul's asking $15,500, and while that may seem steep, he points out "you are basically buying this car forthe cost of the engine, suspension and turbo kit and brakes." Not to mention the interior, the motor conversion, and all the labor. Not too shabby for a turn-key showstopping car.