There are certain advantages to being neighbors with Canada and one of them is that they sometimes get neat cars that never came to the US, like this 1992 Passat CL G60 Syncro Wagon .

First sold in British Columbia, it was imported to Georgia in 2018. Not only is it an all-wheel-drive wagon, it has the supercharged drivetrain that was only available in the G60 Corado in the US.

It was a faithful daily driver, though, which means its mileage won’t impress you. With 169,000 miles covered, it certainly not a garage queen.

That means there’s some wear on the seats, the synchro badge on the back is gone (which may indicate that it was repainted at some point), and there’s some surface rust on the undercarriage. There's also an aftermarket radio and a hole in the dash where the ashtray used to go. 

On the other hand, there’s no oil weep, it shifts smoothly, and the gauges, power locks, and power windows all work.

The current bid, with five days to go on the auction, is only $1,100.

[via: Jalopnik]