To have your name associated with Stingray or Shelby is an automatic entry history books. To have your name associated with both makes you Peter Brock. And now you can own his bay-window bus.

Bought as a support vehicle for Brock’s successful hang gliding team, the bus doesn’t content itself with measly flat-four. Instead, Brock swapped in a 215-ci Buick V8 and dubbed it the war wagon.

And since he was an automotive whiz, he did a good job modifying it. Adding a radiator up front, like on later water-cooled vans from Brazil, and generally taking the care to build it properly all around.

According to the ad: 

“The engine is said to have been rebuilt in 2000, and is paired with a stock four-speed manual transaxle. Additional modifications include a cooling vent, a domed engine cover, roof bars, bolstered seats, all-terrain tires, and more.”

Up for sale on Bring a Trailer, the current bid is just $10,000, which seems like a steal. Brock penned the design that would eventually become the Stingray Corvette and the Shelby Daytona Coupe. We’re certainly not saying this is worth as much as either of those, just that a van built by him feels like a pretty safe investment—not that we’re in the business of making such assessments. 

Even if it never rises in value, whoever gets this will be getting a multi-functional, interesting, and pretty piece of history.

Watch Jay Leno and Peter Brock talk all about the car below: