Life. It’s a miracle, it’s a gift from on high, and it can be a real pain in the ass sometimes. Babies are bundles of joy or whatever, but they’re also very expensive, so they require sacrifice. Here, that sacrifice is expressing itself as the sale of this very pretty 1987 Golf GTI .

Purchased by forum user SDVDuB05 in 2005, this Golf is still wearing its original black paint, though quite a few other things have changed over the years. Only the best was bought for this car, though, so according to SDVDuB05, it still runs great.

We’ll feature the full parts list below, but the highlights include a swapped 1991 2.0-liter 16v engine, a rebuilt 02a manual 5-speed trans, Eurospec Mk3 GTI brakes front and back, a Jjetex Mk2 GTI stainless cat-back exhaust, Mk3 VR6 Bilstein Sport Struts, Neuspeed Sport Springs, and powder-coated OEM MK4 Golf steelies that this writer finds unusually and quite perversely attractive.

The car is selling in San Diego, so its metal is in good shape (with only three spots of minor rust) if you’re looking to take it out of the state. If you aren’t it passes smog and is registered. Unfortunately, there are a few problems, naturally. The sunroof leaks a bit and there’s a bit of an oil leak, too, so you have to keep an eye on the oil level, but it won’t ruin your driveway.

With all the good and the bad, the seller is asking for $5,000. Check out the sale thread in the forum.

Engine :
1991 2.0L 16v motor swap, w/ 120,XXX miles
-50mm 16v KR Euro Upper Intake Manifold
-EuroSport 8mm 16v Spark Plug wires (Part# ES.562226R)
-AC delete (engine bay only)
-BlackForest Industries Solid Billet Front  Motor  Mount

rebuilt 02a Manual 5-speed with approx. 50,XXX miles on rebuild
-Techtonics Tuning Deluxe Shift Kit and Weighted Shift Rod (Part# 798 220, 720 009)
-Elf Lightened Flywheel (single pin A3 2.0) (Part# 027105273DLW)
-Triple Strap Pressure Plate (A3 single pin) (Part# 027141025A2HD)
-stage two SACHS Clutch (210mm) (Part# 027141032F)
-taller 5th gear (for better highway gas mileage and lower high speed rpm)

Brakes :
Eurospec MK3 GTI 11.3” Front  Brake  Upgrade (Part# BE5698282II)
-OEM MK3 Drivers Edition calipers
-OEM MK3 (5x100) hubs
-288mm (5x100) drilled and directionally vained rotors
-OEM Mk3 uprights
-MK3 Master Cylinder
Eurospec MK3 Rear Brake Upgrade (EBK698226A2.A3.5R)
-OEM Mk3 rear Calipers
-MK3 (5x100) rear drilled and slotted rotors
-Mk3 rear stub
-OEM MK3 hub

Exhaust :
-Jetex MK2 GTI 16V (stainless steel) Cat-back  Exhaust  (Part# JX.28-HR)
Bore Size:*2.5inch or 63.5mm, tailpipe Twin Round 80mm

-original black paint
-Vinyl Wrapped roof (Brushed Metallic Black)
-MK2 GTI Big Bumper kit
-MK2 GTI Big Bumper funder flares
-single round badgeless grill swap
-smoked taillights
-rear wiper delete

-OMP TURINI fixed back racing seats (driver and passenger)
-Sabelt four-point harnesses (driver and passenger)
-NewSouth  Oil  Pressure Gauge (Part# GAU002)
-NewSouth Oil Temperature Gauge (Part# GAU003)
-NewSouth Volt Gauge (Part# GAU007)
-MK4 GTI Black Shift Knob
-Stainless Steel Race pedals

-MK3 VR6 Bilstein Sport Struts (front and rear) (Part# BL.V36.0366, BL.B36.0656)
-MK3 Neuspeed Sport Springs (front and rear)
-Nuespeed Strut Bar (front)
-H&R 30mm 5x100  Wheel  Spacers (front)
-H&R 25mm 5x100 Wheel Spacers (rear)

Wheels & Tires:
-powder-coated OEM MK4 Golf steelies (5x100) w/ full size spare
-NITTO Neo-Gen 205/40R16