Looking for a straight-up race car? Want to tear up the track in something other than a Miata? For a low price our latest Find Of The Day, a race-ready 1987 Scirocco, can have you careening around curves and chasing championships.

We've featured Sciroccos before, but none like this. What we have here is a bonafide turn-key racecar. Some hardcore enthusiast took a light-on-its-feet MK2 'Rocco, stripped it down to the basics, and spent a ton of time, effort, and money on the mechanicals. If you've ever wanted to build your own car, you know it could take years to get it ready for the track. This one is ready to go; you could be flinging it down straight-aways this weekend. Well, if you live in Southern California.

We can't possibly cover all the enhancements here, but let's start with the big things. The seller massaged the 1.8L engine in multiple ways and is now a 2.1L motor. A Garrett T3/T4 turbocharger boosts power even more. There's a front-mounted intercooler. This 'Rocco has Schrick cams, eight (8!) fuel injectors, two fuel pumps, and much much more. To add to all this fun is a Quaife limited-slip differential, a Quaife six-speed transmission, and a stage-four clutch kit. So much good stuff.

There's more stopping power to take on all the go-fast gear. Brembo four-piston calipers with braided stainless steel brake lines bring the car down with force. There are H&R Ultra coilovers, Neuspeed sway bars, light-weight alloy wheels, and Avon racing slicks. Slick indeed.

Inside is more of the same. A suite of Sparco racing bits lines the interior: seat, steering wheel, and pedals. A full roll cage is installed and a five-point racing harness. On top of all that are additional gauges and push-button start.

And if you are in California, somehow this car has been registered as a diesel model, so no need to worry about those pesky smog laws. Whatever those are. California is weird.

This 1987 Scirocco 16V racecar is in San Diego California. The seller is asking a very reasonable $5500. Don't even think of offering a trade. Check out the Craigslist ad here .