Most of North America is still in the icy grip of winter. This is the time of year we all start dreaming of summer. Start planning for warmer weather by picking up our latest Find of the Day: a sleek silver Volkswagen Cabriolet.

A few years after the MK1 Golf premiered, Volkswagen rolled out a drop top version. Little did they know this somewhat awkward convertible become a virtual icon of the 1980s. Watch any teen movie of the era, and a Cabby will pop up somewhere in the background, or even as a main character's ride . Cabriolets were everywhere.

This 1988 Cabriolet has some serious attitude. Most notably, the lowered suspension gives this bunny a purposeful stance. The wider-than-stock fender flares wrap around period-correct 15" Schmidt wheels. The car has a new top that may need a little stretching to make taut. The badgeless grille and single-round headlamps give the car a more serious look. The turn signals and marker lights are swapped out for clear "matte" units. All this makes for one slick looking 'vert.

The seller has done quite a bit of work on the car. In addition to the new top (or 'hood' as the seller calls it - British perhaps?), the car has a new head gasket, upgraded Techtonics cam, billet cam gears, and a number of hoses replaced. More recently, there's been exhaust work, oil pan gasket, piston seals, and new brake fluid. In fact, if you read the seller's ad, it's quite honest and straightforward. "Completely honest. Nothing to gain from lying" s/he states in the ad.

Like all nearly-30-year-old cars, this one has a few issues. The pedals are a bit "loose." The carpets need a good scrubbing. The driver's seat bolster is worn. The paintwork has some peeling. Yadda yadda yadda: it's all normal stuff.

If you'd like to see the car, it's in Brooklyn, New York. Or check out the classified ad on The seller is asking $4500. Not a bad price for a spring-better-get-here-soon ride.