Summer is here. It's time for cookouts, beach trips, car shows, and long drives with the windows down. What better car to enjoy the sun and warmth than a convertible? And how about one that is the very color of sunshine? This 1990 Cabriolet screams fun. Imagine yourself going on a warm summer night drive, top down, enjoying the wind caressing your face and the stars twinkling above you.

The Volkswagen Cabriolet is an iconic model. Cabbies were often second or even third cars in a household: something fun to zip around town in. Since many only saw summer use, they tend to be in good shape with relatively low miles.

This '90 features the 94 HP 1.8L engine mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. While you won't win any races in this cabby, it has enough power to nip at the heels of other cars. The tight steering and suspension help the little convertible feel downright zippy in the curves.


The eBay listing states the timing belt has been replaced, the shifter bushings updated, and the car has been tuned and serviced. With 108,000 miles there's still plenty of life left in this VW.

The outside is clean. The top is good condition. There appears to be no rust. And notably, the teardrop wheels have been stripped and powder coated - they're ready for miles of summer drives. The interior is also in good condition. The seats may clean up a little more with a deep scrub or steam, but the original white check cloth is in great shape. The seller states the air conditioning has been converted to modern R134 refrigerant and blows nice and cold.

Get your summer going with this yellow slice of sunshine. The 1990 Cabriolet is currently listed on eBay with a "Buy it now" price of $6000.