The urge to turn a regular hatchback into a mid-engine rocket is one of the most natural urges there is. There are a few examples of people who have succumb to the urge on the forum and occasionally even automakers fall prey to the desire, as did Renault in the early part of the millennium .

One California dreamer decided, though, that he wanted to move the genre to its next logical step: a mid-engine cabriolet .


Clearly a fan of the mid-engine drop top—as shown by what appears to be a Ferrari F355 in his garage—this guy decided to combine his Rabbit Cabriolet with a Pontiac Fiero.

Unfortunately, not everything is chocolate and/or peanut butter. The combination of these two ingredients, though interesting, turns out to be… I think incomplete is the nicest way I can say it.


Don’t get me wrong. I’m a fan of the dreamer. I’m a fan of crazy projects that are held together with spit  and Kleenex and a likely unhealthy number of zip ties, but the intercooler sitting on the roll bar and the Team Gunston inspired rear wing are a bit much.

Brian, the seller, assures the prospective buyer that this car was all hand built by he himself, a claim I doubt anyone will have trouble believing. In place of the supercharger normally affixed to GM’s L67 V6, Brian put a Holset HX40 turbo. He reckons could make up to 450 hp and run 10s in the quarter mile, a claim that seems about as reasonable as the rest of the car.


Honestly, though, if it’s been bolted together tightly enough to stay in one piece, it does look like an awful lot of fun and for $3,500 this could be a pretty neat autocrosser.

[source: Jalopnik ]