The world of kit cars based on Beetle chassis is wide and runs deep, but not all were created equal. The Devin, though, was among the coolest.

Produced by Devin Industries, the body was (allegedly) based on a mold taken from an Ermini 375 Sport 1100 . That car had bodywork done by Scaglietti, whose name may be familiar to you because of the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, which was named to honor the Italian designer who had been one of old man Ferrari’s favorites.

The body also wasn’t limited to rear-engine duty. The engine model is know as the Devin D, but other essentially similar-looking bodies were produced to fit onto any number of chassis. That meant that the body could be used on everything from Volkswagen chassis to MG chassis and more.

This particular Devin is powered by a 1500 cc flat-four that funnels power through the 4-speed manual you would expect. The original bodywork appears to have been red, but the blue paint and white stripe were added by a previous owner—as were the taillights and headlight covers.

There have also been a few additions inside as well as an aerodynamic windshield, but all appear to have been to keep the spirit of the car intact. Some corrosion is visible under the car, but this is a California car so it’s not too bad.

And this isn’t even the first time this car has sold on BaT. Last year, it sold for $11,500, albeit with uglier wheels, windshield, and a big roll bar.