The really great thing about garages is that they often help us work on more than just our cars. The same applies to any workshop or place where problems have clear solutions. Unlike life, which has a knack for presenting us with problems the solutions to which are unclear, diabolically complicated, and out of our hands.

That was the certainly case for forum user Cspence, whose wife was stricken with a sudden illness. Cspence sold his R32 to help pay for the resulting medical expenses and ended up having enough left over for a humble project. He ended up buying a Mk3 VRT and he only ever intended for it to be a quick and dirty build.

“I didn’t know at the time, but this build process would serve as an important means of salvation to me during a challenging time in my life,” writes Cspence. “I know if may sound cheesy, but this car created many friendships, gave me something to focus on and is one of the primary reasons I was able to stay strong and “keep my sh*t together” for my wife.”


That Mk3 wound up becoming the donor car that made the Mk2 you see above possible. The build process was chronicled in Cspence’s build thread , with all of the work done at BNR Motors in Connecticut.

The build is pretty extensive, but Cspence says he spared no expense and was meticulous and I’m inclined to believe him based on how well he kept track of his expenses. Some of the highlights include a Schimmel 3.1-liter forged long block, a Borla XR-1 muffler, BBS RSs, and a lot more.

Cspence says he’d like to keep the valve cover, which has a cancer ribbon clear coated in, but he’ll replace it with the stock one.

For the fruit of his efforts, he’s asking $18,000. Check it out on the forum .