Why would anyone buy a two door wagon? It makes no earthly sense. The point of a wagon is to be practical, and then you take out arguably the most practical feature of the car. So why buy a two door wagon? Because it’s rad.

This 88 Volkswagen Fox is rocking a 2.0-liter Audi Bubble block bottom end with a 1.8-liter GTI head, and a 268 TT cam.

It’s all running through a 4-speed manual trans and because of the Fox’s inexpensive nature it doesn’t have power steering, either, making this an even more old school, analog experience than it looks.

The Fox rolls on lovely golden Enkei Apache wheels, that are connected to the rest of the car via FK Silverline coilovers and Mk2 spindles and brakes. It also has Hella projector headlights and and smoked taillights to complete the look.

And it’s all selling for just $2,200 in Philadelphia. According to the seller, it was an impulse buy and now they need space, so they’re passing it along, though they admit that it needs an alignment and might need upper front bushings.
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