Back in the early 2000s, Volkswagen decided to stuff their 4.0L W8 power plant and 4Motion all-wheel-drive system into a Passat. To further spice things up, they also gave buyers the option of rowing their own gears with an available 6 Speed Manual transmission.  While this may be a bit of an unorthodox combination, some buyers ticked all the right boxes, and ended up with cars that are not only insanely cool, but also highly sought after on the used market.  About 100 of those buyers ordered their W8 4Motion 6MT Passats in Wagon form, creating an extremely rare, extremely cool vehicle with 'unicorn' status.  This brings us to our Find of the Day.


Found on Milwaukee's Craigslist, an uber-rare B5 Passat W8 4Motion 6MT Wagon is up for sale with just over 100k miles on the clock.  The Pacific Blue exterior looks to be in fairly good condition for its age, with a few blemishes and the same can be said for the tan leather seats and interior wood trim.  The owner claims to have taken care of wear items such as the serpentine belts, clutch and various sensors within the last two years and says that there is no rust on the car.  This Passat looks to be priced right at $11k, and the seller says he is (understandably) in no rush to sell.  Check out the full listing below.
Up for sale is a unicorn. From what I understand they only imported about 100 manual W8 wagons into the US. The car is currently located 30 minutes north of Milwaukee.

2002 6spd awd passat w8 wagon
275hp/275tq 8 cylinder engine
Pacific blue/tan interior
101k on the car
Clean title no accidents
3 owners
No rust
No body damage. Close up pics of interior/exterior blemishes coming soon.

Parts that have been replaced in the last two years.

Spark plugs
Valve Cover Gaskets
Front and rear temperature sending units
Front vent hose valve cover to valve cover
Serpentine belts
Water pump
Motor mounts
Front Axles
O2 sensors

This car is ready to drive. NO CEL's or maintenance needed. I am asking $11k OBO. No trades. I'm not in a rush to sell at all.
More details including contact information and additional pictures can be found on the Craigslist ad, right here.