There’s a high premium put on creativity. Innovation is seen as a great virtue, iconoclasts are celebrated for no other reason than they are iconoclastic. Sometimes, though, well established principles are well established for a reason. Bacon and eggs isn’t a particularly novel idea, but no one complains when it’s on the table.

The bacon and eggs of Volkswagens, especially for early Golfs, is lowering and adding BBS rims. This Tornado Red 1991 GTI follows that well established recipe and makes something delicious.


The car is posted by forum user and feline abuse enthusiast, kitten_puncher. It sits on BBS RM 15x8s, has rolled fenders and trimmed flares, is held up by FK silverline plus x coilovers , and its really special feature is the VR6 lurking under the hood.


None of these modifications is unique or weird, instead what they are is correct. This Golf is just right, from the classic GTI color, to the appropriate Recaro seats, to the visible, but reasonable stance. The whole thing just works. Even the little VR6 badge on the grille looks like it belongs.


The car isn’t without flaws, though. Kitten_puncher admits that the door handles could be replaced and that the sunroof gasket should be replaced. There also isn’t a back seat, but that might not be a flaw if your brood has yet to hatch.


This Golf, done the right way, can be found on our forum, and kitten_puncher is asking for $6,500.