Whoever said "Everything is Bigger in Texas" must have seen this GTI- with a claimed $65,000 invested, it's sure to turn heads.  We just aren't sure it's the kind of head turning that we wouldpersonallybe interested in.  


According to the frankly brief Craigslist posting, the car has a VR6 which was fully built and turbocharged to the tune of 600 horsepower.  The interior has been recovered in suede, a 4 point roll cage was installed and the audio system was upgraded with components from Focal and Alpine.


From the pictures, it appears that the car was painted Deep Blue Pearl after extensive bodywork and shaving was done, and some sort of deep dish 3-piece wheels have been installed.  The car also has a vertical door kit to round out it's over-the-top look.  With that list of modifications, we wouldn't be surprised if this car had been used as a demo piece for either a body shop or car audio specialist with an owner who liked fast cars.

The car is currently for sale on the Houston Craigslist for $35,000, and you can see the full ad right here.

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