Today's Find of the Day is without a doubt the most ambitious undertaking of anything we've featured yet, spread across three completely custom built GTI race cars.  Starting as your average 2009 GTIs, these three were stripped, their motors fully built, the suspensions upgraded, and entered in Tire Rack's One Lap of America where the cars ran in the SSGT2 Small Bore class.


With a built this complex, we could likely go on all day.  But because you eventually need to get back to work, we'll try to cover two of the more important parts.  First up, these cars are still entirely street legal.  As part of the One Lap rules, each car needs to transport itself along the race route, meaning that with a good set of ear plugs, you could daily drive it without much issue.  Secondly, all of the aerodynamic tweaks are completely functional, with the wing, the fender flares, and dive plains all adding necessary downforce.  Each car is the product of exhaustive development work, leaving the new owner to simply get in, drive and maintain their new toy.

These cars are currently offered for sale in our Mk5 classified section, at the multiple pricing options, depending on which configuration you'd like to buy the car in- from a $25,000 roller, to a $45,000 ready-to-run racer.  For additional images and info, click here.