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I never fully understand the decision to spend 2x the amount on one of these extreme lux versions vs a base or midrange - especially since, unlike the 1500s that get the new interior on the higher trims, these still have the old interior on all trims. I guess if people are buying them, the manufacturers would be dumb not to offer the loaded up cash cows. Maybe they are all business write-offs/Texas Cadillac farm trucks.

Does a fully-loaded Denali really have $30-50k of actual additional "stuff" than a Pro or SLE?

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F-350 is about the same but at least they all have an updated interior.
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Does a $10k Rolex tell you the time better than a $10 Timex? Does a Louis Vuitton bag hold a bag woman’s stuff better than a plastic bag from WalMart?
Luxury goods rarely add tangible value.
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