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I never fully understand the decision to spend 2x the amount on one of these extreme lux versions vs a base or midrange - especially since, unlike the 1500s that get the new interior on the higher trims, these still have the old interior on all trims. I guess if people are buying them, the manufacturers would be dumb not to offer the loaded up cash cows. Maybe they are all business write-offs/Texas Cadillac farm trucks.

Does a fully-loaded Denali really have $30-50k of actual additional "stuff" than a Pro or SLE?

F-350 is about the same but at least they all have an updated interior.
A lot of these are purchased by "companies" or it's the owners primary vehicle.

As far as coming with an additional $50,000 worth of features? Of course not, but can you really put a price on having a nicer truck than the other guy?
A lot of these are actually used as work vehicles and do towing and hauling work. If you are spending a lot of time in it - the creature comforts are nice to have and make life better when you use it for work and on the way home have to get the kids, do other things like a normal car.

Is it worth that much? Of course not. but if you want the trim level that's the price. :)
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