Under the motto "The Blue of London", Bugatti opened its first worldwide lifestyle boutique in the Brompton Road 24/26 in exclusive Knightsbridge. After the successful launch of its Lifestyle Collection a year ago in Milan, this is the next big step in the brand extension strategy of the French supercar manufacturer. Over the next five years, up to 30 more exclusive Bugatti boutiques are to be opened in the major international economic and fashion capitals.

"Bugatti stands not only for high technology and breathtaking performance in the automotive industry, but also for a special lifestyle that is grounded in the artistic roots of the Bugatti family," says Wolfgang Dürheimer, President of Bugatti Automobiles SAS at the opening in London. "Of course, the luxurious and exclusive supercar remain our core business, but we wanted to take the great appeal of the brand into areas of life that are beyond the automobile. With our lifestyle collection we have successfully done the first step to now this first boutique follows. "

The boutique and the collections are intended to reflect Bugatti's identity. The motto "Art, Forme, Technique" brings exceptional technical performance Bugattis and the exclusive luxury of the brand expression to the store. This is done by using typical Bugatti design elements and materials. Even from a distance onlookers can see a three meter high arch made of aluminum with the Bugatti logo, modeled after the most striking design feature of all Bugatti vehicles - the famous horseshoe-shaped radiator grille.  Get past the aluminum arch, and customers will find that white marble, dark wood floors and leather hangings dominate the decor and.. accentuated the use of aluminum, wood, glass and carbon - materials from the Veyron.

In the design of the furniture, the designers have incorporated elements typical of Bugatti Design History: for example, has the rear wall of the large shelf cabinets through a riveted seam. The inspiration for this comes from the fin of the legendary Type 57 SC Atlantic. This historic design feature that went into the creation of the modern Bugatti Veyron is also incorporated into the structure of the wall shelves again.

The construction of the free-standing shelves made of carbon and aluminum mimicking the rear wing mechanics of the Veyron, a modeled example of the brand's engineering. The polished shelves are finished with delicate line in Bugatti Blue. Particularly impressive is the large sales table made of carbon in the center of the showroom.

The next boutique openings are planned for the coming year in Tokyo, Dubai and Doha. Other locations in Paris and Milan will follow. In 2016 Bugatti plans to open first stores in the United States.

(Source: dpp-car Reporter / wpr)

Translation by VWvortex