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So i finally built up the courage to post pics of my car...I’m ready with the flame-retardant suit
PS, the grey hood is a long story, but will be repainted candy white soon!

And the list of goodies
2000 Golf 1.9 TDI (A4 2 Door)
Helix Premiere Series Smoked Projector Headlights
3m clear head light protector
OEM grill painted flat textured black
Blue Tinted Aspherical Split Wide Angle Mirrors
Smoked sidemarker
Smoked turnsignals
GTI Tail lights
R32 Streering Wheel
GTI driver side air bag
20th Anniversary Recaro seats front and rear along with all the seat belts
MOMO shift knob
MOMO shift boot
Neuspeed Race series pedals
42 Draft Design Boost gauge pod with autometer boost gauge.
Alpine 9847 head unit
Alpine type S speakers front and rear
Alpine Ipod attachment
Rockford Fosgate 4 gauge power kit
Infinity Basslink II
OEM Euro switch
2004 center console (between driver and passenger seat for the cupholders)
Monster floor mats
Engine, Trans & Exhaust:
Garrett VNT-17 big turbo upgrade
Eurojet 2 front mount intercooler (FMIC)
3 bar map sensor (038 906051C)
Kerma PP520 Injectors
Aligator 3 bar chip
Spec Stage 2 clutch and flywheel (single mass)
WRD Polyurathane tranny mount and dogbone mount
GHL cold air intake with paper element cone filter
Audi TT wheel liner vent for intercooler.
Techtonics Tuning 2.5" non cat turbo downpipe.
Oldman Intake tube
Mufflerectomy (straight pipe, no muffler)
DG (Diesel Geek) steel skid plate with engine bay side skirts
DG short shift kit
DG Fumoto Remote Oil Drain Kit
Amsoil Severe Gear Lube tranny fluid (SAE 75W-90)
Optima red top battery group 35
New style small battery box conversion
Suspension, Wheel & Tire:
Bilstein PSS Coilovers.
H&R hubcentric 8mm front spacer with extended bolts
H&R hubcentric 15mm rear spacer with extended bolts
SPC Camber kit (1.5 degree negative)
20th Anniversary Brakes 12.3" (AKA Audi TT brakes)
GTI spindles
R32 control arm solid bushings
DG chassis lower front stress bar
Neuspeed rear sway bar (28mm)
Neuspeed upper front tie bar
BFI upper rear tie bar
Neuspeed steel braided brake lines
Neuspeed/Brembo slotted rotors rear
Hawk HPS brake pads front and rear
ATE Type 2 brake fluid
Long Beach VW sport rims

Modified by Diesel Power at 6:41 PM 5-14-2007

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Re: (uglybaby)

Quote, originally posted by uglybaby »
Nice. The hood doesn't even look that bad. White or black for it though.

i had a DTM CF boser hood on which made it look pretty cool but recently decided that i want to get an OEM+ look going...but yeah im gonna paint the hood candy white hopefully within the next week or so, i just hate the sanding part!!

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Re: (Braga_Dub)

Quote, originally posted by Braga_Dub »
When I saw the pics I thought you had some speacial CF thing going on with the hood haha.
Keep us updated on the progress!
Hows the intercooler and turbo so far?

i tried heatsoaking it the other day to see its limit...it was roughly 95+ degrees, A/C on full blast and boosting 25 PSI thru all the gears for about 10 minutes non-stop...the FMIC was still ice cold and no power loss http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

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Re: First TDI show down (Diesel Power)

Quote, originally posted by Diesel Power »
PS, the grey hood is a long story

what's the short version?

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TT fender mod and an FMIC?

Hey, the first thing I thought is that the hood doesn't look that bad, and it would actually be kind of cool if you painted the roof the same color. Then again, I'm not known for my art critique.

Have you dyno'd?

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Re: (2.SlowMK4)

Quote, originally posted by 2.SlowMK4 »
Do you really need an intercooler for the TDI. I would think they dont produce enough boost to need one.

I'm sure he is boosting more then me with his big-ass-turbo.

But I'm holding 19psi on the stock turbo.
All this with 19.5:1 compression

Stock boost is like 13psi I think.

Modified by Braga_Dub at 2:10 PM 5-14-2007
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