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Re: First time Audi owner - upgrades? (BKLYN)

Quote, originally posted by BKLYN »
Hi All,
I'm looking to tune my car with chip, brakes and suspension. But want to keep a comfortable ride.

Eltonsi is right^...
Just take a few days off work, and read the thousands of threads on this forum. TONS of great info, but a lot of the 'A3 101' stuff is going to be back in the May, June months of the forum. I would search for things you're interested in, and obviously refine the search by using only this room.
Chip for this car is actually just a laptop plugged into a port near your hood release. For $599 expect a 30% GAIN OF HP with 93 octane. I guess you may opt for a diff program with the lack of good gas on the left coast. Apr has 1 program now, Revo will be available with everything in approx. 2 months give/take (hopefully). For Audi, a majority of people go with apr, revo, or giac.
Suspension has really taken off this month, several companies have springs and/or coilovers.
Welcome and good luck. Pics?
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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