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Hello I just purchased a 2011 GTI with some mods about 2 weeks ago. Still waiting on title from bank but so far I have enjoyed the car.

Has: APR stage 2 tune, cat-less downpipe w/ resonator, magnaflow exhaust, intercooler, R8 coils and colder plugs, intake, H&R springs w/ Konis, wheels, some cosmetic mods.

Upgrade Needs: (from my driving it so far)
H&R RSS Coilovers
Serious brake upgrade (Pads and ATE Superblue flush to start first)
Quieter exhaust
-what are my options?
Much better seats and restraints
-cloth seats. Are leather better/stiffer?

Maintenance Needs:
Diverter valve (current one is leaking)
-what are my options
DSG Service
Fuel filter, oil change, valve cover gasket leaking

I have a list of repairs to do as well as other upgrades I'd like to do myself.
In the past on my BMWs ('02 M3, 328, and '99 Porsche 911) I have used a Bentley manual with great success but apparently these are not made for the mk6 GTI. I have found the erWIN factory site online which you must pay for to use (daily or $1,500 yearly). This is far too expensive and elaborate for an enthusiast. For right now it will be the basics (fuel filter replace, DSG service, suspension install, brakes, etc).

Does anyone have a CD version of the erWIN repair guide or a copy of the legit shop manual for sale, either on this forum or on ebay? I couldn't find this.

My questions are this:

1) Where can I buy or download a mk6 service manual?

2) Is there a list / sticky post of DIY repair or upgrade installs?
-most I see do not include torque specs.

2) Where is the BEST or CHEAPEST place to buy OEM parts? (yes I saw the vendor list on a pinned post)

3) Should I do the DSG service myself or have it done at a shop ($290 my first quote)

Any other first time guides appreciated. I saw the pinned post for mods. I am new to VWs but not new to cars. I built a '96 turbo charged BMW 328i (was n/a), replaced head gasket myself, tracked cars for years after that.

That's it for now thanks.

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DSG service is easy I would do it yourself. You can buy dsg service kit off of Amazon. There are two ways to do it.

1.Top fill w/o vagcom
Just measure what you take out and put that much back in through filter hole. Make sure temperature of oil coming out is the same as oil going in. (let it sit overnight).

2. Bottom fill /w vagcom and vw tool
Empty DSG and change filter, put in plastic fill plug. Attach vw tool and fill. Detach use vagcom to get to correct operating temp and let excess drain out of plug. Then put in 2nd plug.

Fuel filter is easy just don't open the driver side door as this primes the fuel filter. Let it sit overnight.

Diverter valve, I would just get oem rev. d valve.

What are you wanting torque specs for? I'm mostly over at mk6 golf forums.

Off the top of my head
Lug bolts are 88 ft-lbs
Spark plugs 18ft-lbs
Rotor to hub triple square bolts are 140ft-lbs
Caliper guide pins I just do tight.

I know we have a wonky procedure that isn't normal for bleeding the brakes. You'll want to look that up. Ss brake lines or TyrolSport brake stiff kit are popular mods if you're already doing brake stuff.

Google is my service manual haha. I've heard about Bentley manuals for our cars though in other diy's I've read.

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