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First Tune up for GLI 16v

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Like the post says...I recently acquired GLI which seems to be running WAY under potential. Someone posted a thing here (i searched- couldn't find it) about a tune up they did to their GLI - hoses, O-rings, tec. -Thats what i'm looking for. I have some parts and the Bently in the mail- will get it Friday.
What should i change to get this thing running smooth? MAFD - (Most appreciated, fellow dubbers).
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Re: First Tune up for GLI 16v (biznash)

hmm, well you probably figured this out, but I'll post anyway.
cap, rotor, wires, plugs, air filter, clean isv, check for vacum leaks, etc.
I always do an oil change right after I buy a used car. makes sure that YOU KNOW when it's done, and when to do it. a rad flush might be in order, especially if your replacing any coolant hoses. and maybe a good engine flush as well to get rid of any gummy deposits.
etc. etc. etc. you'll see what needs to be done, and the bentley will help you do it.
Re: First Tune up for GLI 16v (Fettes Brot)

when was the timing belt changed last? should be done every 50k miles, along with the tensioner for good measure..
Re: First Tune up for GLI 16v (DrMSH)

damn, how could I have forgotten that! ya, thats another thing that I couldn't care less if the owner said it was changed 2 months before. I'll still get it changed for piece of mind.
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