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2006 Volkswagen Jetta 1.6
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Hey guys!

I'm still being stupid and modifying my Jetta and I really don't want to mess with the engine (partially because its simply not worth it) but the thought of installing a cold air intake in the car has been just floating around until now. I just want to get to the bottom of things before I go and potentially mess up my engine. Now, I when I look it up, it brings up a lot of FSI cold air intake installations, but mine isn't an FSI, and I'm wondering as to how different it is to install a cold air intake in the NON-FSI 1.6l because it looks quite a bit different and I'm sure it works quite a bit different, as well. I obviously have a couple of non-FSI cold air intakes saved in my bookmarks and I also don't want to DIY a cold air intake for myself, so I figured I'd ask first and see what you guys have to say about this.

Feel free to give your personal opinions on cold air intakes! My reason is that, since I can't make the car considerably faster without an engine swap (mainly because I don't have the money and it has to remain a reliable daily-driver) I just want to make it sound better and don't really care about the couple of horsepower gains that I can or cannot have with installing a cold air intake.

Thanks for your answers in advance!
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