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Any transverse 2.8/3.2 efi pan will work. For the intake and rail its 3.2 specific. Cam sensor and vvt change is in 2006 with the mk2 tt.
I saw a comment earlier about tapping holes on side of touareg 3.2 block. I have successfully done this 2.5 years ago on a BMX block, there is lots of material behind the boss so water jacket is protected. That was in an engine that was build for boost, and swapped into a mk4 GLI and is still on the road now. I had also drilled/tapped the block for 11mm BDF aftermarket headstuds... sold the car and it drove 5500km across canada and is still being enjoyed now.

I am going to be doing another one this month to swap into my mk1 TT, and this time, will be machining a simple tool to locate the correct machined boss height, and to then aid in center-drilling for the holes. I should mention that I have 2x 3.2's here now (touareg BMX, TT mk1) and a 3.6 BLV and in all 3x cases the side of head tensioner mounts and bosses have consistent reference location to each other, and to the crankshaft centerline... ie - works on one... works on them all. From past experience, i also know the bosses on 24v and 12v are the same, but the 12v tensioner mount is obviously a different story. I have no info on why some touareg 3.2's have tapped holes and others do not, but even within BMX code (mk4 cams, cam adjusters), there is a variation. I bet early ones had them, but cannot verify.
  • The tool will bolt onto the tensioner mount location on side of head.
  • From there, it will first guide the grinding of bosses to get flat and correctly positioned faces (confirm with go-no-go block for offset ref from tool)
  • Next, the tool will guide center-drilling of each of the 3x bosses.
  • Final mount holes are M10 x 20mm threaded, drill tip depth of ~21.5mm, so a bottoming tap will be required (cheap).

Now keep in mind, that you really only have to get "close" with these mount holes, as the engine mounts have rubber inserts and there is an allowable alignment spec in Bentley for the mounts, and its not precision assembly... If you can grind the bosses down reasonably flat, to within 1-2 mm, and drill the holes square to the reference surface of the cylinder head (hence the tool mount location), your aluminum mk4 bracket will bolt up without issue.

I plan on sharing the schematics with the world for free when done, and will include a little instructional DIY for using it. I already made a prototype tool out of birch wood to make sure I am happy with the concept, and waiting on some aluminum billet blocks to arrive for the final tool. I may even go full-nerd and make up a new thread with "touareg BMX into mk4" swap, as I have gobs of details on it (which is rather simple really).

The **** wagen that my 3.2 twin turbo swap will be going into eventually...

The more of this we do, the more the VR6 will remain accessible to aftermarket things.
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