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Fixing lower valance. What to use.

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Do you guys know where the lower valance gets screwed into the fender liner? That one attachment point? Well, where the speed nut fits on the valance, there is a minor tear. What could I use to fix this tear so that I can continue using this attachment point? Basically, the hole that is drilled into the valance (that the speed not goes over) has a break towards the outer edge. It seems silly to replace the whole valance for something that seems unimportant, and cannot even be seen, so the fix doesn't even have to be pretty, the fender liner covers the area that will be fixed. Thanks.
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I think I understand what you are talking about. Is it loose and flopping around? If its not, maybe you could just live w/ it? A photo may be a bit more helpful in diagnosing this.
Re: (BarMunky)

picture a hole drilled 1/8 of an inch from the edge of the plastic. The torx screw was pulled through that edge of plastic, so the "O" hole now looks more like a "U". How do I patch that up?
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Please bump to the top. Thanks.
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Here is the spot I am talking of. See the silver speed nut that is circled? If you take that off of the actual valance,you can see that the factory has holes drilled through the plastic, under each one of these nuts. That one that is circled, the hole that is drilled in the plastic has a break. what can I use to fix that up?
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Re: (Reigenhardt)

get a new clip like the other ones pictured (metal)
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