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Fixing the Corrado...wanting imput

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I've had my Corrado for about a month. I've done some basic maintanance. Now I need some help for finding parts. I'm trying to stay close to stock.
I need to change the plugs but I can't find a place that stocks or orders the stock bosch.
She needs a new exhaust. There's a hole somewhere before or after the cat i'm not sure. What are some good systems other than stock.
New wheels. These poor babies have met many a curb.
And I've got a busted headlight adjustments on both lights. What can I do for that rather than getting new headlight systems.
Think that's all. Fixed everything else. It's been fun. Hope you can help.
Thanks in advance.
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Re: Fixing the Corrado...wanting imput (RM Raddo)

i was gonna see if you wanted to hook up some time and work on the corrado, but, since you are in bellevile(i originally had no clue where it was) and i am in chicago, nevermind. however, for the spark plugs, just look online. go to yahoo->shopping->autos then from there is is pretty self explanatory. as for the exhaust, techtonics is pretty good, or just pick out a muffler of your chouce and have a muffler shop do a job from the cat-back(if thats where the hole is) . as for wheels, tire-rack.com or just hit up yahoo autos again. and for the new headlights, its alot safer to go with the euro lights, the original lights are not worth fixing, i kno. i am goin on a dual round conversion in march when i can pull my car out of commission and start doing all this stuff. euro-lights are worth it, even after the tuff install. hope this helps
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