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Can someone post some pics of jettas woth flares
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Re: Flares (GTI VRsick)

I'm waiting for the day the little crap finds the vortex with 30k members making fun of his car including moderators....
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Re: Flares (Ghetto-8v)

the kid is rich he'll just throw it away and buy a new 1
Re: Flares (hsd16vdub)

I think everyone would ask him questions that were WAAAAY over his head. He'd probably leave pretty quickly. Then again, if I was him, I wouldnt stick around her elong either
Re: Flares (hsd16vdub)

for sheezy....that kid is rich, and a famous tv star owns it now...plus not to mention, that kid gets to say....my car was in fast and the furious what about yours.....i can say yes
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