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So while I was insanely bored at work today I was flipping through a Hot Rod mag off the shelf, there was an article about bump steer and flipping the tie rods and customizing them to pretty much eliminate the tow out/in that causes it. Got me thinking, why can't we flip them on the MK4 platform. They are what holds most of us up after a notch for the axle. I vaguely remember something being spoken about this earlier, but I don't remember what was said and what car it was about. Ive done it many times on aircooleds for clearance issues aswell.
Now I know when you flip the tie rods you will need to get a taper bit to taper the hole out for the tie rod to come in from the bottom. And also the tow will change drastically. But what these guys did it basically ditch the OE tie rods all together and used heim joints and some spacers to get the maximum articulation out of them. After they were done they could set the car at the original ride height and not have to worry about bump steer, and then when it was air out all the way the wheels did'nt tow out either.
I'm going to pick up the issue tomorrow when I'm at work and I'll post pictures of the article in this thread. I really want to hear what others think though. If its been done on other platforms, why not the MK4?
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