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Anyone running one? How do you like it ? Sound?
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Re: Flowmaster (scottba2gti)

I ran one for a while on my 16v, sounded good. No drone on the highway, but loud enough to notice it. I run a borla now and my lady friends hate it, to put it in perspective. The Borla has like zero backpressure which sucks for the bottom end but you get used to it.
Re: Flowmaster (GetOuttaMyWay)

i got a tt with flowmaster on my 16v. sounds good and it was cheap.
edit, it sounds gurgly and throaty when youre around idle, then it just screams (not ricey) when you get on it. i like it

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Re: Flowmaster (ValveCoverGasket)

It sounded good when I had it (K&N, swissed airbox, bored out cat) but I don't think it puts out that much hp then a good stock set-up.
Re: Flowmaster (switch_900)

"they ain't trippin bout the flowmasters...."
Re: Flowmaster (85VR6Jetta)

Flowmaster is the real deal...but some peep say it sound like a wet fart on our cars...other say its sound great...i have it on my 4 cylinder truck and it does sound sweet...anyone have a sound clip of a flowmaster on our cars?
Re: Flowmaster (87GolfKart)

Don't want it to sound like this. http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=912758
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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