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fluids... need some help + ideas.. thanks all

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ok.. so i'm trying to diagnose a leak on my C.. not sure exactly where it is, but i think it is tranny. sooo.. i need to get some new fluid to put in incase it is indeed the tranny. I would get really good stuff, but what's the point if it's just gonna be drained out as i find the leak?
soo.. anyone got some ideas on stuff i can just go out and pick up @ my local car-parts store.. ?? plz?? thanks all
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Re: fluids... need some help + ideas.. thanks all (g60_c)

I would still use the "really good stuf" even with a leak, seems like it would make sense if I had a leak I would and have used the good stuff. In this manner it will better lubricate the parts in the event that too much leaked out.
For tranny fluid use Lubro-molly, or what I use Red Line MTL 90. I have also heard good things about Royal Purples tranny fluids, and I use RP as my choice of synthetic engine oil.
Re: fluids... need some help + ideas.. thanks all (TexasCorradoG60)

i didn't want to pay for the really expensive fluids, as i fear i have a huge leak... this is just going to be a "leak-spotting" fluid.. which will be replaced as soon as i find said leak, and have it fixed. That's why i'm asking..
but... talked w/a guy @ work today.. who really knows his cars... and he suggested something called Lucas Tranny Treatment.. it's supposed to cling to the gears better, and reconditions the seals + whatnot. and, i suppose that if he trusts it in his drag truck, and his street cars.. i'll give it a go on my C... shouldn't hurt anything...
if anyone know's any bad effects of this.. plz let me know though..
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