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Fly GTi.......

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Does anybody remember the old commercial about the Rabbit GTi that was called fly GTi??? There was also an ad that went with it too and we actually have an origimal ad of that. I was wondering where I could find the commercial. It has to be out there in TV land somewhere. I thought I would get it for my husband if i could find it. He would freak out
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Re: Fly GTi....... (Al Fresco)

sometimes you can uy the old magazine ads on eay, i got one for my rabbit truck that was laminated and looked really cool.
Re: Fly GTi....... (xjronx)

Thanks. I have the old ad and it is in MINT condition and I did not laminate it. I am trying to locate the old commercial video. I do not know where to go. Thought it would be cool to get for my husband since he is such a GTi nut.
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