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A couple of months ago I had an XM Commander installed by Circuit City and it started out sounding great. It's FM modulated, you run it through an unused station in the 87.9 - 88.x range ( I don't remember it exactly as I sit here at the computer), you can change which one if you go into an area where the station you feed trhough is used.
Well, lately, the sound has been scratchy and static-y (static-y, is that a word?) and fades in and out, just like an FM radio would sound if you were driving in the mountains, and I have tried all of the frequencies, some seem better than others. It is almost as if the station I am tuned to is picking up static and fading in and out.
Any of you radio/electronic savvy types out there have any ideas? Should I just yank the thing and see if VW comes out with satellite radio in the '05 and put that in? Should I buy an aftermaket radio with XM in it, not FM modulated but that has its own band and replace the factory radio with it?

And, I don't think it's the XM reception that is bad, as I have a Denali with the XM option so it's another band on the radio, and it sounds just fine.
An additional question: Has anyone installed an aftermarket radio where the original one goes, one that is XM ready, such as an Alpine, which has the XM tuner built in and not a separate box? Obviously, an adapter plate must be used because of the size of the factory radio.

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