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Fog light bulb and Air intake questions

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I've got a B3 GLX VR6, and I was wondering what people's expiriences have been with various cone filter set-ups. How much better is a K&N cone filter than a K&N pannel filter for this car? I was thinking of getting a cone filter set up, but not sure if I should get a Corrado set up or an A3(92-98) Golf/Jetta VR6 setup. I assume they are fairly simmilar, but, just wanted to know what the best fitment would be. Also: Neuspeed, ABD, RPI, or other suggestions? Which is best?
My second question has to do with the fog light bulb. Is it an H3? Not sure where I heard that, but, if anyone knows what kind of bulb it takes, and an easy way of changing it, please post.
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Re: Fog light bulb and Air intake questions (demoniccreator)

Heh, the user manual for the car is useless too, I remember looking it up in there, and it says something to the effect of "Changing your foglights is a complicated process, please take your car to the dealer to have them replaced." heh, like that will happen, I'm sure someone will chime in on how to do it. I know the trim around the bulb is held in by two screws, but beyond that, I've got no idea.
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