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Re: Fog light fuse keeps blowing out????? (GS Audio)

Quote, originally posted by GS Audio »
Any idea what may be causing this? Should I upgrade the fuse to 20 amps from the current 15 amps? Is that required once activating the additional fog light?

Well, that's a good thought. There should be a simple way to determine the current in the circuit, or just add up the current bulb load through the circuit and see how close you are to the fuse rating.
Or, you can install a 20A and operate the fogs like you have been and see if the 20A takes a dump after an equivalent time period similar to the 15A.
If you add up the circuit load and it's still nowhere near 15A, it's probably time to check the wiring for bad connections, grounds, etc. that would cause an increase in the current required to operate the circuit.
Sorry can't be of more help.
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