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fog light wiring

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I just got some stock foglights for my jetta that was not originally equipped for them. I have the wiring harness and noticed that there is no way that the harness will reach the headlight switch. Are the cars rewired for foglights, and all i do is connect the harness to a connector in the engine bay? Thanks for any help.
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Re: fog light wiring (SCHALTHEBELKNAUF)

Yes. The car is prewired for fogs. The way I did mine was to use a Euro-switch that had the fog position....I suppose you could use a standard N.A. spec switch as long as it has the fog position. Then you can tap into the fog lead that is in the big 19(?) pin connector that is right up above the radiator on the driver's side. The connector sits below the splash gaurd so you'll want to undo it (3 bolts) first. Now, exactly WHICH pin to tap into you really need a bently for the diagram. On my car, the Bently gave the correct position in the connector (pin 5 if I recall) but the color was wrong. I simply tested it with a multi-meter first.
Oh, and BTW, when testing for the correct fog lead, don't forget that you have to release the handbrake. Notice that your lights go off when your handbrake is set. So I just threw a rock under a wheel to keep the car from moving around.
E-mail me if you have any other questions.
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Re: fog light wiring (KeithVH)

that's wierd. all the cars I have done were not pre wired. If you find that it is not pre wired I sell the complete kits for 45 shipped. Comes complete with relay, fused, factory wire connecters and all... cut to length. so it is plug and play. if you are interested hit me an email [email protected]
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