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Fog lights

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Ok.... I have a 95 Corrado and the it has the lights in the bumper but no switch on the dash! I was under the impression that all VR's came with the Foglights, so its strange that the switch is not there. I ordered the switch, will all the wiring be there?
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Re: Fog lights (Dave Marshall)

I'm sorry to be the one to give you this bad news on such a wonderful chinese new years day - but..............
Us Canadian's Don't get Fog Lights. The lights you see there is a dummy light. Go and look into it very carefully (its the inner set) and you'll see that there are no bulbs. Yes, they are only there for looks my friend. As for adding one, that will require more work than you think. As the bumper plate needs to be cut through in order to accomadate the foglight's depth, then theres the feat of finding such a light and wireing harness, then you'll have to weight the fact that you know after all that work, those lights will crack on you due to a design fault. So, you may want to do just a little more work and rig in a Golf projector fog light/turn signal instead, as it will not crack.
Or you can just leave it as is, and just pretend to be a pretty boy!
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Re: Fog lights (JoeBoxerVR6)

Re: Fog lights (Dave Marshall)

But it is possible... my PO did it and it's great. You have to get a bracket kit from a company such as NewDimensions (it's a single bracket for the turn signal and the fog). Then, as JoeBoxerVR6 said, you have to have the bumper cut and install the proper hardware. You can do a simple and cheap (Ralley lenses) mod to the original US fogs so that they won't crack. Then all you need is the switch for the inside of the car. I believe the wiring is all there.
BTW, the "fake" fog light is because Canadian bumper regulations demanded a stronger front bumper than US specs. So we got a stronger bumber with fake fogs
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Re: Fog lights (Dave Marshall)

Dave if your looking for fogs, let me know and I will see what I can do for you.
Re: Fog lights (Dave Marshall)

I did the conversion but it cost me about 800 bucks having someone else do it - including a body shop cutting the metal.
i like the results since it's factory look and lights up the front quite well.
if you don't do the fogs make sure you've at least have better regular lights (either the euro corrado lights or the euro bmw light conversion)
The only wire harness you need is to replace the one that connects to the fuse box and goes to the rear defog/fog light. then buy the lights and cut our the rebar. i've had my fogs for about 2 + years, use them every day and they have never cracked (knock on wood).
94 corrado
Re: Fog lights (VR6Mike)

So in theroy a U.S spec rebar should solve the mounting issues with the proper hardware?
Re: Fog lights (Sam_Wolfsburg)

or he could get the Hella tempered fogs from Bahn Brenner they're not exactly cheap but they're the last set you'll ever buy.
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