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fooked over on tires :/

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Hey guyz.. ... what size tires do you have on there.. I bought 17 inch verdicts for my jetta and they came with 205/40/17 and till a couple months l8r .. people started telling me there to small for my car :/ .. so what would be ur size or the correct size for a jetta turbo 2002 on 17 inch konig verdicts. .
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Re: fooked over on tires :/ (mizfit1.8t)

all vw's i've seen have 225/45-17's on the factory 17's... ima go to 235/45-17 when its new tire time... as long as the wheels you have are stock width id think it would be the same on those konigs
Re: fooked over on tires :/ (mizfit1.8t)

the correct size for all 17" rims is 225/45-17
Re: fooked over on tires :/ (Boostin20v)

what 225/45/17 will it have a wheel gab like my 205/40/17 .. but it is to small for my jetta right guyz? ... the guyz who im buying tires from said 215/45/17 will be good.. are they right?
Re: fooked over on tires :/ (mizfit1.8t)

205-40 is way too short... 215-40 is gonna be shorter but 225/45 should fill the wheel well the right amount.. just look at some pics of some stock jettas with 17's, should look the same
Re: fooked over on tires :/ (02BeetleSport)

I run 17x8 with 215/45
Re: fooked over on tires :/ (mizfit1.8t)

Moved to the wheel and tire forum.
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