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Re: For anyone who still has the "Tire Pressure Too Low!" message @ startup... ... (Max Rebo)

Quote, originally posted by Max Rebo »

The only soft-code I have is from disabling the bit for TPMS in the CAN Gateway. That one is normal. It doesn't show up while driving, though -- only if you perform a fault code scan.

I did the channel 2 and the warning light came on. I should clarify that I have a PQ46, and I have the stock rims on with tpms.
Max, did you ALSO disable the bit in the can gateway? It wasn't clear in your OP. I just turned that off and left the channel 2 mod. I'll find out on my commute tomorrow. I could care less about a soft code that's stored, too http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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