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I'm selling this 1989 Audi 4000 CSI. I purchased it 3 years ago with the intention of making it into a Lemons racer. The previous owner had done a 2.2 Turbo swap and was going to use it for Rally racing but went another direction.

Gallery of 50 pics is here - https://imgur.com/gallery/WBg3xoU

After bringing it home and doing a bit of driving I noticed it wasn't running well. I did a compression check and found that cylinders 4 and 5 had low compression. I bit the bullet and pulled the head and found electrolysis damage in the head. I took it to my favorite machine shop and they took the head down 25 thousandths and it cleaned up nicely. The valves were inspected and look in good shape.

I bought a new water pump and a complete gasket set for reassembly when my plans changed. A 1996 B4 Quattro literally fell into my lap for free. It only needed a rear wheel bearing and we stopped work on the 4000 to devote our attention to the newer car as it lends itself to be a Lemons racer much easier than the 89.

It's now time to pass on the 4000 to a new owner.

The car has great bones. There is virtually no rust. The rockers, floors, trunk and fenders are rust free. There is some surface rust due to the previous owners aggressive use of the 80 grit pad on the hood and other areas for some reason but it is all surface rust. The driver's door has been damaged by being hyperextended and its dented in the usual manner for that type of incident. The driver's window was broken out by ******* teenagers. That is the extent of the body damage. It is 90 percent perfect.

The front seats are junk, there is no back seat. The dash is in amazing condition. No cracks and it still has the "mouse fur" on the center console.

The car comes with the "high performance computer " that was the hot setup in 1989. I don't have the stock computer. It also comes with a brand new water pump, a new upper gasket set and two manuals.

I'm not really interested in parting out the car.

Bring a trailer and 1000 bucks (OBO) and it's yours. The car is in the Sacramento California area.
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