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it is time to sell the Honda need money to repair my VW's

I need to sell this car I have three cars and its time for this one to go I can't afford three cars anymore. I'm not getting anymore overtime at work so funds are running low. Car has 183,000 miles on it had the engine replaced at 160,000 miles. When the engine was swapped it had new timing belt put on with that is a water pump new gaskets fuel injectors and so on. I just tuned up in febuary and also at same time was an oil change i use full synthetic oil, new tranny fluid, antifreeze, fuel filter. Car has new brakes all around rotors are all new rear calipers were replaced car also has new catylic converter & magnaflow stainless steel exhaust and also a stainless steel header. Car is clean in and out has 17" rims with bridgestone potenza tires still pretty fresh. There is a kenwood radio .
Car has working A/C
Car is NJ inspected until 9/2011
the bad is needs a fan switch i ordered one but ordered the wrong one this is a $20 part and the back up fan switch does work so the car will never overheat.
needs a new temperture knob for heat and a/c.
Please TEXT me 347 248 3653
Here is idea of whats its worth on KBB.com under the good condition so you dont think im BS'ing you

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